Welcome to Endless Mt. Oil Blends for Pets!

We are so excited you’ve found a place where you will  find relief for your pet with the power of 100% therapeutic oil blends. Our formulas are created by Holistic Veterinarians that understand Aromatherapy, animal physiology, and species-appropriate application.

(On the home page, please select whether you have a Canine, Feline, or Equine pet)

Endless MT. Oil Blends are safe, effective, free of harsh chemicals, and will offer “side benefits” vs the “side effects” of prescription medications…some of which may work for a while, then either become less effective, or your pet develops an “immunity” to the medication.

No need to buy bottles and bottles of expensive, individual essential oils and “experiment” on your pet with DIY recipes on the internet. Our products are tested and proven effective. Many “oilers” inadvertently harm their pets with EO’s or simply don’t receive the benefit they hoped due to lack of understanding that a Holistic Veterinarian who understands Aromatherapy would have.

You can use these essential oil blends in the comfort of your home and it’s a long-term solution, not a “Band-Aid”. If you use this product correctly, expensive and more advanced treatments may no longer be required!

Here are the top 6 issues Veterinarians see every day in their practice: (all can be treated with essential oils with no side effects, and with 100% improvement within just days or weeks!) Some of the top issues seen in veterinary offices every day are:

  1. Allergies (coat/skin issues)
    2. Ear infections
    3. Anxiety
    4. Muscle/joint pain/injuries
    5. Parasites/Fleas/Ticks
    6. Digestive Issues

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