How Can I Treat and Prevent Heartworm Naturally?

By Donna Stanley
In January 26, 2016

Almost every day I get asked the question of whether you can use something natural to treat and prevent Heartworm in pets.


Also, keep in mind, mosquitos are the major carrier or heart worm, so its important that you do whatever you can to repel these pests with a product like our All-natural Flea & Tick Bundle!


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  1. Thank you very interesting

  2. I am using on my shorthaire pointer,
    I was using fle and tick meds every month and it failed, I got a house full of flesh.
    I put it in his food and bedding and I dust him .I use on rugs the lawn,
    My problems are gone, so glade I got flesh HA HA..

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this info.
    I pay my Vet over 200$ month for 3 months
    Of heart worm prevention I’m truly going
    To try this.
    Thank you
    Robin Bracken

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