-Safe and free of harsh chemicals
-No adverse side effects or skin irritants
-Effectively repels fleas, ticks, and crawling pests
-Apply to inside of collar, bedding, and coat
-No risk of toxicity to internal organs
-Heals existing bites
-Nurtures a healthy coat
-Prevents excess shedding and itching
-Builds immune system

(8 oz. bottle)

  • Description

    Use this blend on your pet, and even yourself, before you go outside.  This blend smells delicious while keeping pests like fleas and ticks away!  Spay on cat’s bedding and clothing if desired.  It will leave no oily residue on skin or clothing! No greasy feeling or staining of clothing!)

    HOW IT WORKS–it melts the waxy outer covering of the flea’s body and instantly kills them.  Same with ticks. If you use this in conjunction with our Diatomaceous Earth (the Flea/Tick “bundle”), the D.E. also penetrates the exoskeletons of fleas, ticks, and other flying insects like little shards of glass and kills them! 

    ***Also kills ringworm!***

    *Good for repelling flies and mosquitoes, too!
    –And remember, mosquitoes are the deadliest bugs in the world, along with ticks, as far as transmitting life threatening diseases!

    Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Lavender oil, Chamomile oil, Lemongrass oil, Citronella, Cedarwood oil, Coconut oil, and aloe.

    Directions:  Apply to collar or diffuse into the air where your cat spends the most time (there is a diffuser available on our “shop products” page) .  For more info on cats and essential oils, see our blog on this subject!

    cat-quote-fleas-ticks      broadline-image     flea_control1


    Always store essential oil blends in a cool, dry place, and discard after one year if unused.

    See our blog about using essential oils with felines

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