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Diatomaceous Earth is a safe, non-toxic substance made up from crushed fossils of freshwater organisms and marine life. It naturally dehydrates and kills pests on contact. Sprinkle it on pet bedding, as well as their coats. Use in conjunction with our Flea and Tick Blend.

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    ****At Endless Mt. Oil Blends we carry a human grade, absolutely safe form of DE you can use ON your dog, or you can put on their food!****

    Essentially, Diatomaceous Earth is crushed, microscopic shards of sea shells. When added to everyday things we use like flour, they prevent parasites as these microscopic shards pierce the exoskeleton on many parasites (killing them!), both crawling and flying. D.E. is also exceptional to use topically in conjunction with our all-natural Flea/Tick Prevention for a “double whammy” of armor!

    Bonus: No side effects, less expensive to use, no long-term possible damage to organs that can come with longtime use of chemicals and pesticides on our pets.



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    1. Brighid James

      We use diatomaceous earth on the barn floors and on dog bedding to help reduce bugs and parasites. A good all-natural alternative!

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