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-Perfect for calming your new puppy on his/her first nights away from littermates
-Aids in sleepytime for the car ride or flight home
-All natural, free of harsh additives
-No drowsy side effects
-Makes your already sweet puppy smell even sweeter!

(2 oz. bottle)

  • Description

    Much like our Anti-anxiety formula, Calm Puppy helps to relieve stress and help your pup relax. Use while traveling, in times of stress, or even before for nap time.  This formula is specifically formulated to be gentle enough for young puppies. You can apply it directly to the coat, the paws, and pet’s bedding.  Especially great to diffuse while you are away if your pet suffers separation anxiety. At night time, simply drop into our cold water diffuser, and place near pet’s bed or in the room where your pet sleeps. Take on trips to relief stress when riding in the car.

    Ingredients: A proprietary blend of Lavender oil, Cedarwood bark oil, Vanilla absolute oil, Ocotea leaf oil, Lime rind oil, chamomile oil, Coconut oil, and Aloe vera gel.

    calm puppy

    Always store essential oil blends in a cool, dry place, and discard after one year if unused.

    “When we picked up our puppy from the breeder she was trembling. But when Donna applied the “Calm Puppy” blend to the pads of her feet, she relaxed in only 20 seconds!  Amazing!”

    We brought a puppy home and began crate training. From the first night I used the Anti-Anxiety blend oil on her collar and paws. I wasn’t sure if it was helping at first and forgot, about a week in, to rub her down before bed. She was a MESS barking crying and wining. I rubbed her down and she went right to sleep. Now she goes out one last time before bed and runs in on the couch and waits for me to rub her paws!! I think it makes a big difference!–Ashley

    “Bought the “Calm Puppy” blend and LOVE IT !!!! Thank you …. we are getting our puppy from a breeder close by in Canada and can’t wait to see the effect it will have on her! ” –Patricia Vendette

  • Brandi Ledet says:

    We love calm puppy EO’s! I also diffuse this blend, spray on blankets bedding collar and paws. Helps keep my girl calm during stressful events. Five stars!

  • Jenn says:

    I was worried about crate training our new pup. I rubbed this on her coat and pads and she has been sleeping soundly since the first night. No whining or anxiety. Highly recommend.