How can I use Essential Oil on my Dogs?

By Donna Stanley
In July 24, 2015

ess oil application

Aromatherapy for dogs can be applied topically (through massage), by diffusion and inhalation, or orally.

Topical application is the most commonly used technique, and has the greatest benefit because the oils are applied directly to the area(s) needed. The oils penetrate the skin and are quickly absorbed by tiny capillaries which carry them to the bloodstream (sometimes as quickly s 20 seconds!).

Essential oils can be topically applied via massage, or via spritzers, sprays, and of course the oils can also be added to shampoos, conditioners, salves, ointments, etc. Applying them to the pads of your pets’ feet (vitaflex points) is also recommended.

Remember, the oils have to be diluted before use. (we’ve already done this for you at Endless Mt. Essential oils for Pets) Carrier oils such as coconut oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or Vitamin E can be used.

Diffusion and inhalation is another way to practice aromatherapy for dogs. A diffuser is used to evaporate the oils which are inhaled by the dog. Leave the diffuser on for about 30 to 40 minutes to 3 hours (most will shut off at that time) in order for the dog to inhale and absorb the oils. You should be able to see result if you repeat this procedure twice daily for five to seven days. We have a diffuser available for purchase on our website for you convenience.


Oral application of essential oils is also common. Our “Digestive” Blend would be a good example of one.

For home remedies, therefore, it is advisable to limit yourself to the first two techniques (topical application and inhalation).


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