Essential oils and fish

By Donna Stanley
In September 29, 2015


“Recently my husband had an issue with 2 fish in this ten gallon aquarium. Each of them had “white” on their faces above their upper mouth with one’s was more-so than the other. My husband has also noticed that these two fish didn’t seem to be eating. He had been having trouble with the tank getting cloudy and not staying clear in the water.

I told him I thought that his fish tank’s pH was out of balance and that it needed to be brought back to alkalinity. I had just read within a week or two of this issue, while looking at testimonials on some other issue, that someone had used lemon essential oil to clear up ich, which is a white, stringy disease of fish in aquariums. I mentioned this to my husband, ever the skeptic he is, not thinking he would use it.

He was willing to try it, so we started with just one drop the first day. The next day he began using 2 drops/day. Within the first few days, it appeared the white on the faces of the fish was slowly disappearing and the fish seemed to be eating again. He continued adding about 2 drops to the tank each day for the next couple of weeks.”

When he started this, he also noticed that the fake plants in the tank also had all sorts of tiny black spots on them. The lemon oil eradicated, totally, the white on the fish’s faces and also helped clear out some of the black fungal growth on the plants. Only therapeutic grade oils are safe and can bring about such a result. I LOVE these oils for the myriad of alternative uses they offer!”

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Remember, only use oils diluted safely for fish…I will explain below…

I did this, having used essential oils to purify water when dogs came to my kennel. Dogs are very sensitive to water change, so I put a few drops in to purify the water, using our “Digestive Blend” because it also helps kill any and all bacteria in the water, as well as being a parasite cleanse for the puppies and dogs in my kennel.

So, when I cleaned out the fish tank this time, I just used 2 drops to 4 gallons of water (using our “Calm Puppy” blend). Not only did this clarify the water, heal and energize the fish, but when doing it once a week, can keep the tank cleaner and the water purified with the proper PH…and keep your fish disease free!

I recommend starting with our Calm Puppy Blend, which is a smaller version (2 oz) or our Anti-anxiety Blend. The same Essential oils I would have used to make a “Fish Blend” are in that formula! Add 2 drops to your tank for every 4 gallons of water, 1 x per week. Start slow, with one drop to each 4 gallons first, and work up slowly each week.

If you have fish smaller than a beta fish, only use the 1 drop per gallon 1 x a week. If your fish are large, you can use 2-4 drops for every 4 gallons, 1 x per week.







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