How Can I Treat and Prevent Ear Infections for my pet?

It started 20 years ago with a sweet little Beagle named “Tina”. She had those long, cute, floppy, velvety soft ears. But along with that came constant:

*Shaking of her head

*digging at her ears

*me cleaning them, her crying as I did

*red, inflammation

*crusty pieces of ear wax on my floors—yuck! I was like, “Does Shreck live here??”

ear yuck

I tried EVERYTHING…the ear cleaner from the vet clinic (which she ran away and hid from every time I pulled it out of the cabinet.) Then the Rx ear drops that worked for a couple months , then the she grew immune too it, and back we went, only now, the antibiotics and steroids had caused more candida yeast overgrowth, and we were back to square ONE. BOO!

I’m sorry to say that back then I didn’t know what I know now, and poor Tina suffered, I felt HORRIBLE for her, and she ended up getting a thickening of the ear canal, which attributed to deafness.

Fast forward 20 years, and I have labs now, all this time. They are lop-eared dogs, and prone to yeast ear infections, too. I did the same thing, then discovered an essential oil that may help. I went to the local chain pharmacy and bought a bottle. I used it regularly, but still, the ear wax, smell and inflammation were there.

Then I discovered there was a DIFFERENCE between the drug store brand essential oils (basically, the leftover oil after the therapeutic oil was taken off with cold distillation) and grade A, therapeutic essential oils. When I tried the therapeutic, clinical grade oil, no only did the ear infections go away, they never came back!!! I’d keep picking up their ears and peeking in and doing the ‘sniff test’, just to be sure. If I saw a little “head shake” I’d put a few drops in just as a preventative. NO MORE YEASTY/ITCHY EARS!!!!!

Sometimes, if ear infections go on too long, a thickening of the ear will occur, and deafness will follow!

Sometimes, if ear infections go on too long, a thickening of the ear will occur, and deafness will follow!

Remember, ear issues can be caused by bacteria (such as yeast), fungus, parasites, or viruses. Our Blend covers ALL of these!

I can’t imagine going back to the horrible fight with my dogs’ ears. And I ‘m so happy I don’t have to watch them suffer, or fear deafness.

***Our Ear blend is: Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal, Anti-viral, Anti-parasitic, and Anti-inflammatory!***

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  2. What is the oil blend for ear infections?

    1. Yes, our Ear Blend. Go to and click on what species your pet is, and you will see it there.

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