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I started the itch spray with flea repellent and our dog is already better after 3 days!! Love the oils!!


This absolutely works. Our Hobie’s ears are healthy and have stayed that way!

Gail Andrews Whiteman

I’ve been using the spray with great results!!! I spray Remi’s collar and Diesel has a bandana and I spray that… So far no ticks!! We had 4 ticks in 2 days prior to using spray… Haven’t seen one since! Highly recommend…

Jenn Ebersole

I love the Essential Oil Allergy and Itch (Allergy Formula). It began working within the first couple of days. I have definitely seen improvement in the first week. My 2 labs didn’t mind it at all. Thanks for a Great product.


Mapping The Uses of Endless Mt. Oil Blends For Pets

Mapping the uses of Endless Mt. Oil Blends for Pets