Naturopathic solutions: more than just your standard essential oil

What I look for in my essential oil brands

Checking into the supplier can be important to picking your brand, but there are also other qualities I look for in a company that I buy essential oils from. Some of the questions that I ask myself are:

  • Do they promote unsafe use of essential oils? Some companies, many of the MLM companies included, promote some very unsafe practices, using essential oils. If you want to be a Registered Aromatherapist you have to follow certain safety rules to remain registered.
  • Do they sell essential oils of plants that are endangered? There are quite a few companies that are harvesting and using essential oils of plants that are endangered. You should be asking where your essential oil has come from; is it “endangered” and is the supplier trying to sell you an inferior/substituted product in its place, claiming that it is the same “quality” and standard. If it is extracted from an endangered plant species, what is the current level of threat to that plant species. Finally, is there an alternative essential oil, with similar chemical components and properties that you could be using? You can keep track of current endangered aromatic species on

In my aromatherapy studies, I have learned you should be very careful about the essential oils that you are ingesting, as they are VERY POTENT. One drop of essential oil can be equivalent to drinking 75 cups of tea of the same herb. It is best to consult a certified aromatherapist for internal use of essential oils, or pet professional with extensive experience. The only blend that we carry that is safely ingestable, is the Digestion Formula, which is carefully blended with only food-grade ingredients.

We are involved in the process from selecting safe, effective oils, blending them property, diluting them properly for species appropriate application, and we are very specific in our instructions on how/where/how often to apply Endless MT. Essential Oil Blends for pets.